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Speech therapy homeschool provides speech, phonics, and reading resources for parents working with their children.

What can you find here?

Step 1:  Learning Letters & Sounds, an affordable,  comprehensive program for teaching your 3- to 6-year-old improved pronunciation and recognition of 19 letters and their sounds.  Available now in eBook form.

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Also available:

  • blogs and articles to help parents help their children with speech and language
  • all written by Cynthia A. Hammerton, a  licensed certified speech language pathologist with over 15 years of experience in the field.
  • Research based focus on establishing critical pre-reading skills while improving speech.

Why add phonics and reading?

•    Unfortunately, 50 – 70% of children with speech disorders have difficulties with phonological awareness and subsequently with reading.
•    However, new research indicates that, given the proper kinds of early interventions, reading problems can be prevented! (LSHSS, Vol.36, Oct.2005)
•    The same research advocates combining these early pre-reading
interventions with speech articulation therapy for the best outcomes.

The purpose of this website?

•    To provide parents with materials and information that will help them obtain evidence-based, speech therapy help for their children.
•    To encourage and guide families to seek whatever direct help they can from local qualified (licensed and certified) speech language pathologists.
•    To stand in the gap for those families who, for whatever reason, are unable to obtain speech help in their own area, or who desire to work additionally with their children at home to make these services more effective

Speech Therapy Homeschool supports speech, phonics, and reading help at home.
speechtherapyhomeschool.com exists to help parents establish their children’s critical pre-reading skills while also improving their speech.

Based on the latest research in speech pathology, these e-books are unique in developing vital skills for phonics and reading through the activities selected to improve your child’s speech.
To learn more about our  Step Ahead:  Speech & Reading Skills Series , and the first e-book in that series,

 Step 1:  Learning Letters & Sounds

see our Products page.

Speech Therapy Homeschool’s mission:

  • To put materials and information into the hands of parents that will help them to provide evidence-based reading readiness and speech help for their children.
  • To encourage and guide families to seek whatever direct help they can from local qualified (licensed and certified) speech language pathologists.

In addition to e-books, there is important supplementary information available now on this website. This information is designed to help you understand how speech and pre-reading skills develop together, and how to find professional speech therapy help for your child if needed.

For examples, here you can get information here on finding speech help for your child, the impact of speech disorders on reading & phonics, and data on speech development norms.

Who’s behind this website?
My name is Cindy Hammerton. In addition to being a licensed, certified speech language pathologist with 14 years of experience in the field. I am also a Christian mom. My children have been educated in both Christian and home schools. I’ve been a speech therapist both in public and private schools.

It’s my desire to help parents teach pre-reading and speech skills at home. I’m very excited to share with you all the encouraging new research and best practices in the area of speech and its relationship to phonics and reading, and to provide materials that will equip you to help your child reach their God-given potential as readers, learners, and speakers.

photo by: Lyn Lomasi

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