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Speech therapy homeschool provides speech, phonics, and reading resources for parents working with their children.                      

SPECIAL OFFER NOW – Homeschool Speech Therapy Step 1:  Learning Letters & Sounds.                                                                    

Step 1 is an affordable, comprehensive program for teaching your 3- to 6-year-old to recognize 19 consonant letters and know their sounds, while at the same time helping him improve his abilities to both say and hear all nineteen of these sounds in words.  New format and new content for 2014!

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Read more about the research behind Step 1 in my article in the July -August 2014 edition of Home School Enrichment magazine, or on this website under the “Why Step 1 for speech and reading” tab.

Also available now at this website:

  • Information about the relationship between (and development of) speech, phonics, and reading.  All based on important and acclaimed research in the field of speech language pathology.
  • Practical guidance on how to find the most affordable and effective speech-language therapy available in your area.
  • What parents can do to help their own children improve their speech and pre-reading skills via our comprehensive home teaching program Step 1: Learning Letters & Sounds (newly revised and updated).
  • Free information about how to help your child with speech and language development using simple Corrective Modeling techniques.

All written by Cynthia A. Hammerton, a  licensed certified speech language pathologist with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Research-based focus on establishing critical pre-reading skills while improving speech.